The BreastFriend Hour

All of our mother/baby support groups are cancelled and will resume when our community is safe from the threat of COVID 19.  Please stay safe and healthy.

Free to all mothers and their newborns (0-12 months)

Held every Wednesday, 12:00 –1:00 pm

At our Hawaii Mothers’ Milk office that is located in Kapiolani Medical Center’s Diamond Head Tower, 3rd Floor

The BreastFriend Hour

* Groups led by a professional Lactation Consultant

* Meet & connect with other moms, share your experiences & concerns, be encouraged & encourage others through networking with other breastfeeding moms

* Topics include any breastfeeding concern: feeding patterns, proper latch, sleeping, milk supply, nutrition, pumping, getting out & going back to work

* No Registration is required, Call 949-1723 for more information

Upcoming Dates: none scheduled at this time